Veteran Support Grant

Veteran Support Grant

The use of a National Guard Association of Michigan (NGAM) Veteran Support Grant (VSG) is intended to assist veterans in need. Veterans; families and organizations that support veterans of Michigan (directly or indirectly); current members of NGAM; and other currently serving military members of Michigan may apply. To see if you qualify, please follow the steps below.

The key to receiving a grant is closely following the instructions in the NGAM Veteran Support Grant Application below. The majority of application denials relate to incomplete applications.

Virtually all approved grant funding can fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Funding for medical bills
  • Funding for utilities and other normal monthly bills
  • Funding for necessary home and automobile repairs

It may be worth seeking other sources of assistance if your request does not fall into one of the categories above, although we welcome any and all applicants.

Every applicant and application is unique. The application found below is designed to accommodate all cases. The best way to ensure your application is complete is to closely follow the instructions. In general, it is better to include more information than less. It is your responsibility to deliver a complete application and questions about your documentation will be referred back to the instructions below. If you are unsure about your submission or you are not able to provide a certain document, it is best to explain the reason in your letter.

The letter we ask for is your opportunity to describe your need and qualification for funding to our committee of veterans. If the committee cannot understand your need or qualification, your application could be denied.

If you need assistance completing the application, please reach out to your county veterans affairs department. You can find your county's veteran counselor here.

Due to NGAM's security practices, all information related to your application must be transmitted by email. This is meant to protect your sensitive, personal information.

Due to NGAM's limited program funding, we cannot provide resources to assist you in finding information related to your request. We do not have a preferred group of service providers since we cannot maintain accountable relations with service providers. If you need assistance finding information, please reach out to your county veterans affairs department. You can find your county's veteran counselor here.


For the 2019 calendar year, NGAM is focused on assisting individual veterans. Organizations are free to apply and your application will be added to our records, but there should be no expectation of approval during the 2019 calendar year. If your organization would like NGAM to assist an individual veteran you are working with, you are free to apply on their behalf.

NGAM Veteran Support Grant Application

Step 1 - Email Documentation

Please gather the documents listed below and email a copy to

  • Proof of military service
    • DD214, NGB Form 22, current LES, discharge papers, separation report, or other proof of veteran status or military service
      • You can call 1-800-MICHVET for help acquiring your DD214
  • Letter describing your need and qualification for a grant
    • Include as much detail as possible so that NGAM staff and the NGAM board can understand your need for a grant
  • Proof of Michigan residency
    • Driver's license, voter registration, or state ID
  • Proof of income over last three months
    • All incomes apply: Employment income, disability income, social security income, etc.
  • Proof of household expenses over last three months
    • All expenses apply: Mortgage, rent, utilities, food, internet, cable, phone, insurance, etc.
  • Copies of bills related to the grant request
    • Up to date billing statements, in the name of the veteran or dependent, showing amounts owed current within 30 days of the application
    • For repairs to automobiles:Two estimates from state licensed and insured mechanics, proof of state licenses for both mechanics, proof of insurance for both mechanics, proof of automobile insurance, and proof of registration. Insurance proofs must be sent from the contractor's licensed insurance agent directly to
    • For home repairs:Two estimates from state licensed and insured contractors, proof of state licenses from both contractors, proof of insurance for both contractors, proof of workers compensation insurance for both contractors, copy of your most recent property tax bill, proof of the current value of your home, proof of your monthly mortgage payment amount, proof of mortgage interest rate, and proof of balance owed on mortgage. If you have no mortgage provide proof of a mortgage release. Insurance proofs, including workers compensation insurance. must be sent from the contractor's licensed insurance agent directly to
    • For rental assistance:Proof of the length of the rental agreement, proof of the amount of the delinquency, letter describing the cause of the delinquency, and rent account statement signed by landlord or rental agent. Rental agreements are not proof of delinquency.
  • Any other documents relevant to your case
    • Proof of your disability rating, if applicable
    • Proof of relation to a veteran, if applicable
      • Copy of marriage certificate, birth certificate of minor children, or death certificate of a deceased spouse or parent
    • As a rule, it is better to include more information to than less. Most denied applications are related to a lack of documentation.

Scanned documents are preferred. Only legible, readable photographed documents will be considered satisfactory.

Please note that you must complete Step 1 prior to starting Step 2.

Step 2 - Email Your Contact Information to

Include your...

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Organizational Affiliation (If applicable)
  • Additional comment

Step 3 - Watch for Follow-up Contact

Please allow for up to 45 days between the time you apply and the time grants are awarded.

Any questions related to the process of applying can be directed to