National Guard reimburse for Capitol security mission.

Forward this call to action asking Congress to reimburse our state's National Guard for expenses related to the Capitol security mission. This reimbursement is critical for the remainder of the year.

Equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for National Guard

Support Equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (HDIP) for the National Guard, and we are asking our members to participate in this Call-To-Action. The military has many hazardous jobs, and the men and women in these positions qualify for...

Government paid TriCare for all Reservist.

Support extending TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) to military technicians as a recruiting tool for the military. Additionally,  lack of health care coverage is one of the top concerns for readiness and deployability. EANGUS realizes the biggest hurdle with...

Support a DD form 214 for reservists

Support a companion bill in the House of Representatives supporting S. 1291, The Record of Military Service for Members of the Armed Forces Act of 2021, introduced by Senator Peters (MI), Senator...

H.R. 1997 TRICARE Fairness

Support for bill number H.R. 1997 TRICARE Fairness for National Guard and Reserve Retirees Act introduced by Congressman Bill Johnson (R-OH).  The TRICARE Fairness for...

H.R. 1854, RECRUIT

Support for H.R. 1854 introduced by Rep Ryan (D-OH) and Rep Palazzo (R-MS).  The "Reserve Employers Comprehensive Relief and Uniform Incentives on Taxes Act of 2021" or the "RECRUIT Act of 2021" is an EANGUS...

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