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Welcome to the one stop resource center for the 66th Annual NGAM Conference and Business Session.  Here you will find registration, golf, sponsorship, partners, agenda's, conference files and our incredible guest speaker.  You will find all you need to spend a great weekend with the Board of Directors as we review the last year and set the stage for an engaged and busy 2023.


Carol Huey Elvira


Mrs. Borden is the daughter of a disabled Korean War veteran and the mother of a disabled Iraq/Afghanistan veteran.

The events throughout her life prepared her for creating what is now one of the largest service dog organizations in the US. In addition to managing big box stores for several years, she has logged nearly 60 years training dogs to include national competitions, training a dog for a movie, training the #1 Service Dog in the US and the first service dog to ever become the Top American Dog Hero.

Her expertise and accomplishments are acknowledged by numerous national awards from various industries including being named the Corporate Pet Industry Woman of the Year, national awards for her organization’s work under her leadership in mental health and suicide prevention, and the top award from the Department of Labor among others.

Service dogs trained under her college accredited/VA approved curriculums have been accepted to work inside the Pentagon and other DOD facilities for disabled staff members. She is often invited to be a Keynote speaker, she is an industry expert teaching service dog laws to judicial systems, attorneys, businesses, and has been called on multiple times as an expert consultant for service dog bills in multiple states that have passed into law. She has also advised airports such as Tampa International and Gainesville Regional Airport in redesigning their service dog relief areas. She co-authored a research article with Princeton University which was peer reviewed and published. In addition, she has also Founded the Borden Veterinary Hospital and the Borden Institute of Higher Learning.